Wanderlust Ghana: A Daring Journey from Ghana to London to Empower Underserved Communities

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A spirited team of 13 adventurous individuals known as “Wanderlust Ghana” has embarked on an extraordinary expedition, covering a staggering 10,000 km by road from Ghana all the way to London. The motive behind this daring journey is not merely for thrill-seeking purposes but to make a significant impact on the lives of underserved communities in Ghana through the organization, Eduspots.

Wanderlust Ghana is no stranger to exploration, having previously traversed various continents and explored the stunning landscapes within Ghana. However, this time, they have set their sights on a grander adventure, spanning continents and embracing the challenges of an epic road trip from Africa to Europe. Their primary aim is to raise funds that will be channeled through Eduspots to support and uplift underserved communities in their home country.


The spirited team is anticipated to arrive in the bustling city of London either on Sunday, August 6, or Monday, August 7, 2023, culminating their remarkable journey that began in Ghana.

Throughout their expedition, the team has encountered various unique situations, including a memorable encounter with Mauritanian policemen. On one occasion, the team was halted by the authorities, who accused them of violating traffic rules. This unforeseen situation led to the police threatening to impound their vehicles for a daunting two days. Such experiences undoubtedly tested the team’s determination and resourcefulness on their journey.

As they traversed through the vibrant countries of Senegal and Morocco, the team was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and beauty these nations had to offer. These countries left a positive impression on the adventurers, making their expedition even more unforgettable.

Additionally, the team had an amusing encounter with a curious police officer during a traffic hold-up. When the officer inquired about their country of origin based on their vehicle’s number plates, they proudly responded that they hailed from Ghana. The officer’s excitement was evident when he realized that this was the homeland of the legendary footballer Abedi Pele. In a delightful show of appreciation and hospitality, the officer swiftly escorted them out of town, a heartwarming display of the camaraderie and respect for Ghanaian culture.


Looking ahead, Ghana’s High Commission has orchestrated several events aimed at bringing together Ghanaian residents in London, offering them a platform to showcase their philanthropic initiatives. One such event is the “Party in the Park“, scheduled for Saturday, August 12, 2023, which will foster a sense of community and enable them to engage with the Ghanaian diaspora in the UK. These events serve as an opportunity for the team to connect with people in London and encourage their support and contributions to the EduSpots program.

Wanderlust Ghana’s bold expedition from Ghana to London exemplifies the spirit of adventure, compassion, and dedication to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Their journey stands as an inspiring example of how adventure and philanthropy can merge to create a meaningful impact on society. As they approach the final leg of their voyage, the team’s determination and altruism continue to shine, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those they encounter along the way.

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