Rope and Nails Football Game

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  • Thick wooden board which can hold nails
  • Nails of different sizes
  • Sewing thread or any kind of rope
  • Round object that will represent as a ball (normally use turkey berry)
  • Sticks
  • Chalk


  • Draw lines on board; center line, throw line, corner line, 18 box
  • Nail the four corners on the board
  • Nail other two (2) in between the nails
  • Nail four (4) tall nails in a square distance to represent the poles. Same at the opposite side
  • Use rope to wrap around the nails from top to down, so it can keep everything inside from falling outside. Also tie the poles.
  •  Nail some nails in the pole leaving some spaces at the sides for a ball to be able to enter
  • Put some nails in the 18 box to represent defenders, some at the sides to represent wings, some forward to represent forward and some for strikers
  • Do same for the opposite side
  • Now our game is set to play

NOTE: be specific with the size of nails at each point.


  • Each player will stand at the opposite of the poles with his stick
  • The ball will be dropped at the center and the stick will be used to strike the ball into the opponent’s pole.


  • Rule of the game is just like the normal soccer game played on the field
  • The highest scorer becomes the winner of the game

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