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Read and watch videos of How to Play Kpitinge


  • Pen 
  • A broom stick
  • Pile of sand


  • Remove the ink from the pen leaving the case. 
  • Fill it with little sand and insert a broom stick through the tip.



  • Point the tip of the broom to your palm and flip it so the tip enters the sand leaving the pen to stand upright. The process is done for the following respectively;
    • Middle palm
    • Back of palm
    • Tip, top of small, ring, middle and index fingers
    • Space between your index finger and thumb
    • Your head
    • Shoulders
    • Palm
    • Wrist
    • Knee
    • Then you end with a freestyle
  • Once a player completes all the process, he/ she becomes the winner and waits for the last person 
  • Loser places hand close to the sand and each player hits the hand with the base of the pen 
  • When the pen enters the sand; he continues hitting till it doesn’t enter again.

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