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  1. Click Register on Frontpage. Fill out forms and send.
  2. The team will review your application.

(BaG recruitment team may accept or decline your application as measures to protect its existing members from fraudulent activities or fake accounts.) The Team may follow up with a call or conduct security checks to confirm ones identity before confirming an applicant.

3. A message will be sent to your email once your application is accepted or declined by BaG team.

  1. There are various groups on BaG website. Kindly join a Preferred Group.
  2. A Group manager may accept or decline your request as part of measures to get dedicated members for the group.

There are three packages with monthly subscription fees. Kindly subscribe to a package to enjoy services of selected package. A member will enjoy packages 6 months after contribution.

  1. Once you are accepted as a member and logged in, Select Plans.
  2. You will be redirected to the Plan Page.
  3. Browse through the plans and select a package.

NOTE: Read through Terms & Conditions before applying for a package.

Our packages are categorized into Bronze, Silver and Gold. The package provides the following benefits which is in relation to our organization: Tours, Transport, Food, Drinks & Snacks, Insurance & Conferences/Workshop. The amount on subscriptions are subject to review bi-annually.

Gold subscribers will enjoy unlimited Tours within the country, free transportation on all trips, free food, free drinks & snacks and life insurance. 

Silver subscribers are limited to two trips in a year and a 50% discount on transportation on each trip. Subscribers to provide their own food on trips and under events. Other benefits listed in the package are free.

Bronze subscribers are limited to a trip annually and a 10% discount on transportation on each trip. Subscribers to provide their own food, snacks and drinks at any organized event. Other benefits listed in the package are free.

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