BlueCrest University’s Blue-Tech Day Triumph: A Fusion of Innovation, Expertise, and Unforgettable Experiences

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BlueCrest University’s Blue-Tech Day recently took the tech community by storm as students from BlueCrest University College and Openlabs Ghana joined forces to repair a remarkable tally of over 100 computer devices. Leveraging their collective networking, software, and hardware expertise, the tech enthusiasts ensured a smooth and efficient experience for all participants.


While attendees eagerly awaited the revival of their devices, the event offered more than just technical expertise. Students were treated to engaging games and entertainment, transforming the occasion into a delightful and interactive experience.

The resounding success of Blue-Tech Day has set the stage for heightened anticipation, with both participants and organizers eagerly looking forward to the prospect of more such innovative and impactful events in the future.


A special acknowledgment goes to Mr. Andrews Nartey, the main organizer, and Dr. Vivekananth Padman for their pivotal roles in making BlueCrest University’s Blue-Tech Day an outstanding success. Their dedication and efforts significantly contributed to the seamless execution of the event, leaving a lasting positive impact on all participants.

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