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National Farmers Day Celebration: 39 years of agricultural freedom

Farmers Day is a celebration to acknowledge the contributions of crop farmers and animal husbandry as well as fish farmers to the country’s economic growth. [more…]

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Technology Event

BlueCrest University’s Blue-Tech Day Triumph: A Fusion of Innovation, Expertise, and Unforgettable Experiences

BlueCrest University’s Blue-Tech Day recently took the tech community by storm as students from BlueCrest University College and Openlabs Ghana joined forces to repair a [more…]

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Utuka Foundation’s Successful Inaugural Health Talk Marks a Milestone in Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

The Utuka Foundation’s much-anticipated inaugural Health Talk event, held on the 11th of August 2023 at the Jemima Elizabeth Taylor Memorial School, has concluded on [more…]

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Utuka Foundation Launches Inaugural Health Talk: “Advancing Global Sickle Cell Communities, Establishing Newborn Screening, and Raising Sickle Cell Disease Awareness”

In a significant stride towards better health and awareness, the Utuka Foundation proudly presents its inaugural Health Talk event. Titled “Building and Strengthening Global Sickle [more…]